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Leaked! Secret gathering? Private party? VVIP only?

September 7, 2020

Top private party reveal. Don't miss it!

In Xlarge Live, we love to keep fun and happy working atmosphere. Because we believe great mood lead to better TEAMWORK and EFFECTIVENESS in every projects.

Today, let's share some interesting topic which is "Top Three Private Party" we ever did. All happened in 2017 to 2019.

<< TOP NO.3 - International kung fu star's daughter birthday party >>
We received an enquiry from a personal assistant that she want to book a DJ for a private birthday party.
But she never mention about the name, age, sex of the birthday person. Just telling that the birthday person want POP music. From our past experience, we smelt something special.

When we arrived the venue and started setup the equipment, the venue staff asked us "Do you know who is XXX?", then we answered sure and finally realized who is the birthday person.

The party was held privately in a hotel's restaurant and its outdoor terrance. and there were around 20 person joined.The night was fun and chill.

It is not that hard to guess who the Kung Fu Star is.

<< TOP NO.2 - Birthday party of family member of Hong Kong top wealthy tycoon >>
It was a night that our DJ performing of their monthly music session in a bar in Landmark Central.

After an hour of our DJ set, a lady walked to the DJ booth and asked if we take private party job, and we replied yes.
So we communicated about the date, venue and time the next couple days. Again, we just being told it is a birthday party but the lady never mentions anything about birthday star.

On the date, we headed to a luxury restaurant in IFC Mall. Once we passed the entrance and reached the main area, we saw big banner hang on the wall and finally noticed who the birthday star is. He is called X X X, haha.

The restaurant was re-decorated into a clubbing environment with LED dancefloor, moving light and sound speaker.
And we were told not to take any photo or video during the whole party. It was a happy night which our DJ played pop, disco and hip hop music.

Although Hong Kong got a lot of crazy rich family, but when it comes to top wealthy tycoon, you may simply narrow down to less than five family ;-)

<< TOP NO.1 - Birthday party of family member from one of Hong Kong most well-known family >>
This one held the top position because of its sensitive and controversial social statue.

One day we received message from our friend who operate party supply company. We are requested to provide some audio and light equipment.
Once we were told about the party location, and we immediately notice who is the birthday person.

The location is a historical place in Hong Kong where all citizen know it but are not allowed to enter unless special permission.

It was a outdoor birthday party, we setup the sound system at outdoor lawn. Also, we design some light and color up the outlook of the premise.. Some interesting incident happened during the party, but we would not disclose here. "What happen in Vegas, Stay in Vegas"

This job is truly memorable and interesting among our event business life.

Overall thought - Every human and all walks of life love to celebrate their birthday! Wish you all have a great birthday party!