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How XLARGE LIVE get started?

July 28, 2020

What is the trigger? Music? Hip Hop?

Besides our official facebook page and Instagram, this blog section will be the channel we share some interesting information around us. YEAH~!

For the first blog post, it will be great to share little more background of XLARGE LIVE.

Everything get started back in 2012. During the time, there are lack of freestyle rap party in Hong Kong. Those talented freestyle MC had limited opporuntities performing live to audience but the only way to reach out audience is through digital channel like youtube and facebook.

Because of above reason, we decided to create more live rap event. And the first event we did was a cantonese freestyle rap battle named "CANTO MIC 2012". As an organizer, we need a formal group name, and this is how "XLARGE LIVE MUSIC AND EVENT MANAGEMENT" appeared in the industry and became official.

Here is "CANTO MIC 2012" video clip, let's check it out -
It has been quite a while, some MC and rapper are still active and goes bigger these days.

After 8 years of evolution, we started as an event organiser in early years to currently a team of event expert who provide professional event services and areas including AUDIO, VISUAL, LIGHT, ENTERTAINMENT AGENCY, and also music service like LIVE DJ and LIVE BAND!